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The Republic of Peru celebrates its 201st Independence Day

Jose A. Benzaquen Perea

27 Jul 2022

The Republic of Peru celebrates its 201st independence on the 28th of July, considered one of the most important national holiday of the country, and it is the one that brought it the features of unity and the beginnings of stability on the path of a unified state, a national commemoration celebrated by the whole country in a territory of more than one million square kilometers, and its people in all Peruvian cities and of the 3 million Peruvian community around the world. 

We emphasize that the National Day of the Republic of Peru is not only a date for celebration, because it’s a great message that we do not retreat from dreams, no matter the difficulties, and much more beautiful than withdrawing from them. 

Across the country there are special Fiestas Patrias events, concerts, cultural activities, fairs, parades, parties, special offers and discounts during July and cities and buildings are covered in the Peruvian national colors red and white.

The official main event will be a speech by the president in Plaza De Armas to the Peruvian people, going over the state of the nation and progress made during the preceding year, which is followed by a “Te Deum” mass led by the Archbishop of Lima. In election years, this is also the day the president is sworn in and formally assumes his duties as leader of the nation.

Allow me to mention that Peru-Qatar has an excellent ties; both countries are working head to enhance our relations in every mutual sector, we are working on a comprehensive investment agreement, and we also are promoting our ties with Qatar in education, culture, health and sports fields.

Qatar-Peru relations were based on political and diplomatic cooperation according to the Qatar as a relevant actor in the international politics and diplomatic relations. 

Both nations are reinforcing multilateralism relation, which allows the two nations to maintain peace and unite for common objectives and interests, as well as to promote a positive image of our countries.

Farther more, both nations share principles issues in their foreign policies, such as:
    • The recognition of the sovereign equality of States.
    • The proscription of the threat and the use of force in international relations, which threatens the territorial integrity or political independence.
    • Non-intervention or interference in matters of internal jurisdiction of other States, either directly or indirectly.
    • The pacific solution of international controversies based on the sovereign equality of States. 
    • Subjection to International Law as a norm of conduct in international relations.
    • Equality of rights and self-determination of peoples, as well as the right to freely choose their political, economic and social system.
    • The Defence of human rights, and the interpretation of laws in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ratified treaties on this matter.
    • The promotion of peace, security, cooperation and development in the various spheres of international relations.

Peru has similar objectives with “Qatar National Vision 2030”, officially released in October 2008, whose main goal is to transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development. 

In another hand we express that Peru was undergoing massive economic improvement in the last year as well have the third lowest inflation rate at the Regional Level, In Latin America, inflation in our country will be positioned in third place during the next year with 3.3%, project that inflation in Peru will occupy the second place in 2024 with 2.9% and with 2.7% in 2025.

It’s significant to remark that our relations were formalized on November 7, 1989, establishing our Embassies in Doha and Lima, in 2011 and 2012. The relations have extended its strength after the official visit made by the then Amir H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, in February 2013 to Lima-Peru and the official Visit of the Amir, H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to Lima on October 2, 2018. 

During our permanency I can say that I found a similarity in many ways between Peru & Qatar; for example, the contribution of Arabic to the Spanish languages, the influence of the Arabic gastronomy to the Peruvian cuisine, the Arabic origins of the Peruvian Paso horse, the Arabic camel links with the camelids of South America, and the value of the Arabic community in Peru.

We have built a country proud of its roots with a mountain range or walk and a coast in front of the Pacific Ocean with countless riches. On the coast, the Culture of Caral with 5 thousand years old, the worlds wonder of Machu Picchu, and the enigma of Nazaca Lines. 

Finally we have to express our gratitude to the State of Qatar and its Authorities  who gave to Peruvian to receive remarkable experience in all the international events that we participated in, as well as the political summits, energy, cultural and Sports events “Football, Athletics, Swimming, shooting, squash, Table Tennis among others”. Undoubtedly, Qatar will host an unforgettable edition of the 2022 World Cup that the planet will always remember.

Peruvians, on this National Anniversary express our sincere recognition and gratitude to the State of Qatar under the leadership of the Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and its people, for its constant generosity towards helping many countries and nations in need that require not only financial support but also a strong ally to count on during all as an acquired right within the international community. 

In this special anniversary of our independence and on behalf of all the Peruvian citizens, we would like to invite you to visit a diverse country, with unique nature where you can see a home to 84 of the world’s ecosystems and it has 28 climates on the planet; at the same time, Peru is one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries consequently you can observe exclusive flora and fauna in its main regains: the Costa on the west; Andes in the centre; and the immense  Amazonia, on the east.

When there is a friendship, the relationship of two nations endures over time for the good of their population, Peru, and Qatar forever together!!!!