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Discover your professional inclinations

Wafaa Sewidan

08 Jul 2022

We often look at those who have achieved success in general, and in particular professional success, and marvel at the ranks, bonuses and achievements they have reached.

There are those who are most astonishing about their attainment of success, and on the other hand, people for whom we congratulate their successes and believe that they have deservedly deserved what they are now. We often see some succeed in any task assigned to them, and we do not see that this person has a great deal of intelligence or knowledge. This success was a natural result of a set of steps and actions taken by these people with perseverance and determination to succeed. Most of these successful people followed professional development or professional development methods.

Your desire to work in a good job does not necessarily mean your ability to accomplish it. You have to realise that there are jobs that are not suitable for some people. The process of determining the perfect job must be based primarily on your abilities and attitudes and not on what you achieve from a prestigious social position or a good financial income. You have to know your goals and abilities carefully and choose for yourself the career path that you believe you will definitely be able to achieve success with. If your language abilities are better than your arithmetic abilities, you are more qualified to become a language teacher than being an engineer. You can determine your abilities in several ways, including:

First, where do you find yourself, what do you do in your spare time? If you resort to writing articles or stories, this means that you have the talent and ability to write, and you can apply for jobs that focus on writing skills, such as writing articles or stories or working for magazines or newspapers.

Second, working under the supervision of a professional instructor or an experienced person. The instructor or mentor can help you identify your abilities, strengths, and work that you donate. It will also enable you to identify your weaknesses and give you directions that will improve your performance. In addition to benefiting from the experiences of your mentor and following his approach to solving problems, it will also make you an open person who accepts constructive criticism and seeks to develop himself to achieve continuous growth in the work.

Third, ask for feedback from others about your work. Asking others about your performance at work and asking for advice from them and getting feedback on your work on a regular basis will build you a good knowledge of your abilities and identify areas that you need to develop further, and will reduce the gap between what you see it yourself and think you’re good at it, and what other people really see. You can also ask them about the areas they think you are good at, such as telling you, that you are good at public speaking, negotiation or persuasion.

Fourth, using online tests designed by specialists such as a personality test that allows you to know your personality traits, your main advantages and disadvantages, and what you are expected to do under pressure. This method will help and allow you to identify your important personal capabilities.

You can also take another type of test which determines the good job for you, such as the scale to determine your good job, which shows you the jobs that may suit you and suit your abilities. In addition, identifying your inclinations and passion in the field you have chosen to work in is just as important as the above. There is a big difference between someone who works with desire and enthusiasm and someone who works just to spend time and get a salary at the end of the month. The love of work is the cornerstone.

You can determine your tendencies in several ways, including personal hobbies, which are one of the most important indicators of tendencies. Scientists confirm that combining talent with study or work achieves great results, and contributes to the development of talents, which develops our sense of creativity and enables us to innovate and thus achieve excellence. This ensures that we will achieve success in working life in the future. Also, every person has characteristics and temperament that differ from others, as well as every profession requires the availability of a set of qualities and the exclusion of others, for example, there is a nervous person who is easily excitable, in this case he cannot be a surgeon, and a hesitant person cannot join the work in the field of military and the weak cannot work as a journalist or a lawyer...etc.

Sometimes a person determines his field of study and thus determines his professional field. It is necessary to take into account his nature and characteristics, and to know their compatibility with the academic and professional field before settling on it. The professional inclinations test is one of the means to identify the professional inclinations, as this test helps you determine the work you prefer based on a set of questions.

Columnist and author of a book ‘Start with Skill’ and moderator of a series of workshops to develop youth.